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Inner Child & Mandala Drawing Workshop

Did you enjoy doodling and drawing when you were young? Do remember the happiness you felt when you drew freely? When was the last time you allowed your Inner Child to express him/herself through drawing?

Developing a relationship with your Inner Child and finding that freedom can lead to more happiness in your life. Come and join this Inner Child & Mandala Drawing session! After we play with our Inner Child, we’ll take him/her to create our own Mandala, which will also help understand ourselves better!


Date: Saturday 18 Nov 2017

Time: 0900 – 1500

Venue: The Loveground (Komplek Permata Kota D/8, Tubagus Angke, Jakarta Utara

RSVP: Amel – WA/SMS 0877 7588 7585

Hope to see you there!

Circular Motion

When it comes to inspiration, most of the time the way we work with it is by tuning in to the inspiration.

But sometimes, inspiration comes like a thundering storm that washes an area in a sweep. This morning, such Thunder hit me that I had to rush to a paper to channel it out before it moved on. The pressure was so large that my sacral chakra was hurting and only subsided when I finished.

The truth is, the clouds had started gathering for a few days. An idea of a circle of life and completion has been playing in my mind for a few days. It comes in different forms every day. And this morning, the reflections expanded into a circular motion, a vortex, a cycle of a spiritual dizzying dance, a centrifugal force around a source.

It was a thundering realization of seeing the idea in anything and everything; in atoms, in flora, in dance, in galaxies, in the Universe.

So I laid the curves one at a time, reflecting a point that ripples out to the ends of the Universe – Reflecting the kind of explosions that create lives – Reflecting the constant multi-dimensional rotations of the world and our lives and all the little atoms in our body – Reflecting the connection to the Vortex of a source.

I put down the pen and it was never about the result.

It has always been about the process.

I’ve let it out and come full circle.

– Circular Motion