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Abhaya Hridaya Mudra

This is one of my favorite Mudras! Tbh partially¬†cause it looks so pretty :D. The Abhaya Hridaya Mudra is also called the Fearless Heart Seal and it’s all about connecting to our Courage.

To do the mudra, cross the right hand over the left at the wrist. Intertwine your pinky, middle, and pointer finger. And then connect your ring finger to the thumb, touching on the finger tips. Place the mudra on the heart center and connect to that fearless courage you have deep inside your heart. Connect also to your deepest truths.

I did this Mudra in my medtiation in the morning, it brought me a sense of steadiness as I go forward in life. And now that I’ve spent half a day doing my activities, I just realized that I’ve been leaping to various opportunities without much hesitations. I’ve been offering my skills, and signing up workshops and doing things without much hesitation, regardless of the outcome! I must’ve gathered some great courage with the aid of the Mudra this morning! ūüėÄ

Have fun trying it!

Shakti Mudra

Shakti Mudra is the Mudra for restful sleep. This is a new Mudra for me and I got it as part of the 3rd day of March Mudra Challenge I’m doing. And really, again, timing is perfect. After many days of restful sleep, last night I had a restless one. I had a hard time waking up and it was great to learn this one.

To do this Mudra, wrap your thumb with your 2nd and 3rd fingers. Keep the ring and pinky fingers extended and put your hands together. This Mudra is great to slow down the nervous system and apparently it also invokes the Goddess Shakti bring bring vibrant colorful Dreams.

I tried the Mudra sitting up as well as laying down, both with the hands on my heart center. Lying down worked best for me, I immediately felt my body slowing down and got sleepy! So I continued and soon enough all I wanted to do is sleep! I’m planning to do it again tonight and I’m looking forward for a great sleep!

Pran Mudra

Pran Mudra is a a hand gesture in Yoga where you fold your thumb and connect it to your ring and little finger. Just as the name, Pran Mudra is a mudra to increase Prana, or life-force/ chi/ energy, throughout the body.

This mudra should be done on both hands to balance the prana in the body. I tried doing it on one hand only (my left hand) and almost immediately feel the energy on the left side of the body getting charged, while the right side energy remains the same. I then did the mudra on the other hand as well, and balance the energy.

One way to do Pran Mudra is to do it in a short meditation. Sit cross-legged, form the Mudra on both hands, rest your hands on your thighs, and close your eyes. Start by breathing normally. And then slowly deepen your breathing, having equal number of counts while inhaling, and exhaling (i.e. inhale on 4 counts and exhale or 4 counts). You may stay here or start chanting “So” during the inhale and “Hum” during the exhale, while maintaining equal counts on the breathing. The mantra “So Hum” means “I am that”, it connects us to our truth, and connects us deeper to the Universe.

Do the breathing and mantra for about 20-30 times, then go back to your normal breath. Then observe how your body feels. You should feel a balance energized energy flowing through out your body. Then slowly release the mudra and you may continue your meditation with relaxed hands.

Pran Mudra is great for when you are a little lethargic or having a little imbalance of energy. It’s a great way to bring focus to the mind as well as clarity.

Need a little charge during the day? Do this mudra for a few minutes and you should get that nice boost of energy you need.

Go try it and share with me your experience!