This is one of my favorite Mudras! Tbh partially┬ácause it looks so pretty :D. The Abhaya Hridaya Mudra is also called the Fearless Heart Seal and it’s all about connecting to our Courage.

To do the mudra, cross the right hand over the left at the wrist. Intertwine your pinky, middle, and pointer finger. And then connect your ring finger to the thumb, touching on the finger tips. Place the mudra on the heart center and connect to that fearless courage you have deep inside your heart. Connect also to your deepest truths.

I did this Mudra in my medtiation in the morning, it brought me a sense of steadiness as I go forward in life. And now that I’ve spent half a day doing my activities, I just realized that I’ve been leaping to various opportunities without much hesitations. I’ve been offering my skills, and signing up workshops and doing things without much hesitation, regardless of the outcome! I must’ve gathered some great courage with the aid of the Mudra this morning! ­čśÇ

Have fun trying it!