I’ve been reading Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly. If you don’t know who is Brené Brown, she is the one known as the Vulnerability lady cause her TED talk on Vulnerability is so good it went viral. If you haven’t watched it, I encouraged you to watch it here.

This book is a continuation of the talk. So it discusses the findings she had discovered from her research on shame, vulnerability, and how to live a wholehearted life. There are lots of great nuggets in there. But to me, it does feel like reading someone’s PhD’s findings. Still easy to read, but it has that feel.

Anyway, I’m still going through the book. But I’d like to share this quote, which I feel, sadly, reflects the truth of the people in the society today:

Vulnerability is the last thing I want you to see in me, but the first thing I look for in you.

I’d like to create an environment where people would feel comfortable sharing their true vulnerable selves. Cause true connection happens only when we share that.

If you want a little taste of this book but doesn’t want to read it, you can also watch Brené Brown’s second TED presentation here. Enjoy!