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Every Line has a Purpose - Meta Vashti

A friend of mine asked me once whether drawing a mandala for me is like doodling?

This question was asked over a year ago and since then, it’s somehow always in my mind.

I have been reflecting on my mandalas and my creation process. There are many mandala artists out there and I’m aware that mine are vastly different from theirs. This also got me reflecting on why mine are the way they are.

To me, drawing a mandala is very different from doodling. Doodling is associated with mindless drawing. While mine does not involved any mind, there is a mindful quality that goes into the drawing.

From the very first one that I drew, drawing a mandala feels like a channeling of something greater than I am. I remember in that first experience how it felt like I was downloading information that I could not understand onto paper. I never knew how one is going to turn out, and one is always very different from the next. My mandala has grown throughout the years as my gifts are developing, but the process is always the same – a download of information onto paper.

I’m never concerned about how pretty it would look like when I make one, because it’s never about making it pretty.

I’m never concerned about making it full or complex because that’s really not the purpose at all. If it turns out to be very simple, then it’s meant to be simple.

Every line I put down needs to have a purpose. There is a reason why that line is there and if the line is not supposed to be there, it won’t be drawn.

Sometimes, my mandalas, despite it’s simplicity, look more like sacred symbols and these ones are normally the ones that contain beautiful power in them.

Drawing a mandala always feels like a sacred ritual for me. I have to be in the right state of mind, and I have to be surrounded by chants, prayers, or songs with high vibrations. And whenever I’m in the middle of the creation, my heart feels like it’s being expanded wide.

To me, a mandala is a 2-dimensional representation of a multi-dimensional things that can go beyond our 3-dimensional world. Sometimes it represents a soul. Other times, it represents a life event. There’s no limit as to what it can represent. And as can be seen through these two photos, they can be different points in a (non-linear) timeline.


Rebirth, 7 Sept 2017

Death and Rebirth, 11 Sept 2016

The latest mandala was drawn today, on 7 September 2017, titled Rebirth. The older mandala was drawn on 11 September 2016 – almost a year ago – titled Death and Rebirth.  I didn’t plan this. It’s all Universe’s beautiful synchronicity. Both are about Rebirth – that happened at about the same period in the year, yet both are vastly different.

They reflect different points in my life, where I went through deep rebirth process by very different means. And although they are drawn a year apart, there’s a meeting point in the timeline where this time around, I’m also taken back (energetically and spiritually) to a particular sacred point that was involved in the rebirth last year.

These 2 drawings might look quite simple on the outside, but they contain deep meanings for me. Every mandala contains deep meaning for the person it’s intended for. Sometimes, the meanings might not be comprehensible in the mind, but they can be felt in the heart.


For every line contains a message for that particular person/ situation.

.. or an expression of that particular soul/ situation.


None is drawn without a purpose.

Just as every little thing that happens in our lives, has a purpose.