A couple days ago, I was sitting in my living room, taking a short break from cleaning the house and cooking and being with my mom and I decided to flip through Netflix.

And I came across¬†Tony Robbins’ I’m not your Guru¬†documentary (Link leads to the trailer).

Now, I’m not and was never attracted to Tony Robbins. Just cause I think his energy is completely different from mine. I have never read his books in my life. I have never attended any of his events. Just never been attracted to him. (Tho interestingly my mom had been to his events once). And that has nothing to do with the fact that I know he is amazing and has done many amazing things and lots of people loves him and I would still be happy to see him one day.

But I heard so many things about this documentary in the last few months that I decided to click play.

And I was already crying in the first 5 minutes of the documentary. (And I continued crying/ tearing/ being emotional throughout 90% of this documentary).

Now this documentary is not for everyone. It will show you how fucked up this world can get. (And you might get put off by Tony Robbins cause he really does have so much energy). But I want everyone to see it, to simply reminds everyone that there is so much love in this world.

And below is the passage that got me crying in the beginning of the movie and got me watching it till the end. Somehow, discussion of suicidal thoughts (of mine and others) had came to me in the last few days and it was beautiful how the documentary started with a man who is suicidal.

This man, came to Tony’s event to probably find an answer. And he courageously shared his vulnerability and his soul to a whole room of 2500 people, and I connected with him.

And this is Tony’s reply that I’d like to leave you with…

” You’ve been so hard on yourself.

I love you that you have such high standards.
But those aren’t high standards. That’s called perfection.

And most people over estimate what they can do in a year.
And they underestimate what they can do in two or three decades.
And you haven’t been around long enough to have those extra two or three decades.
So don’t fuck it up.
There’s time.

And if you give yourself just a little bit of time..
And if you’ll be a little more loving to yourself…
I think you’re gonna find that you got a lot to give.”

And to me, that’s everything.
Give it time, be more loving, and realize that we, each one of us, has so much beautiful valuable gorgeous things inside of us.

*deep breath*

Have a beautiful September, you :).

And if you’re interested to watch it and don’t have netflix, hit me up and I’ll let you know where else you can probably watch it.