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Lessons of 2017 - Meta Vashti

Review of the lessons I’ve had this year.

This one is a little hard. I actually have to sit down and think of this one a bit.

One big lesson is to know that if I’m an extension of Divine, then there’s nothing I need to worry about. As simple as that. Yet, of course the application is different. I tend to worry about things, which often times are unnecessary. Simply said, when we trust Life, we gotta trust it fully and completely.

The other big lesson is that if I don’t make use of the gifts and talents that the Higher power has given me, then it’s pretty much the same as not honoring and respecting them. I tend to feel small a lot. What I mean by that is that I tend to feel like I’m less than other people and therefore why would anyone listen to me. But that’s a very egoistical and insecure thinking and I can now clearly see that. Stepping into my own power means honoring the gifts and talents that I have.

And the other lesson that I’m always reminded of is that unhappiness is always rooted in the inability to accept the Present. We tend to live in the past or too eager to get to the future that we forget that the Present is where life really happens. And we tend to take things for granted and forget that this moment now is all we have. What we choose to do with this moment is up to us.


So that’s all, folks. What are your lessons of the year? :).