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Mandala - Meta Vashti

What is a Mandala?

A simple description would probably be a series of pattern that forms a circle. The word Mandala is taken from old Sanskrit word that is loosely translated as “circle”. But Mandala is more than just a circle. Centuries of civilizations have used mandalas as part of their religious and spiritual symbols. Mandalas can be found in temples, churches, and holy sites of the major religions of the world, including Islam, Catholics, Hindu and Buddha.

People believes Mandalas to be representations and expressions of the Universe. Many people (including yours truly), is attracted to them cause they seem to represent a bigger part of our lives. They seem to speak to the depths of the subconscious and connect to the universal codes that make up our beings.

The most famous Mandala is probably the sand mandala ritual of the Tibetan Buddhist Monk. These gorgeous Mandalas are created from colorful sand. They are made up of detailed intricate designs. And created only to be destroyed at the end of it to symbolize the impermanence nature of our lives.

My Relationship with Mandala

I honestly can’t remember when I first fell in love with mandalas. But it was like falling in love head over heels without knowing why. I would stare at them and felt like they spoke to me deeply telepathically and I just always feel at peace looking at them.

So when one day I found a mandala coloring book. It took my fascination of mandalas to the next step. I purchased the book and started coloring the mandalas. And I found an even greater peace!

But something in me kept nudging me to start making my own mandalas. It took me a little while to finally do that cause I kept doubting myself. I thought “but it’s so intricate! How could I create something so beautiful?” But the nudge went stronger and stronger and it won.

One evening, I opened my drawing book, meditated, and drew my first mandala. I didn’t know what it was going to be. But I felt very connected to a force much greater than me. I simply followed my intuition and allowed a greater force to use my hands to draw it. And it became a meditative process and ritual. And from then on, everything was magic. And it was the beginning of my beautiful relationship with mandalas.

Past Work

Below are some of my past mandala works :). They are mostly created for friends and family. When I do that, I would connect to their energy and allow it to lead me. If you’re intrigued or would like to get a special one made for you, just email me at hello@metavashti.com.

Fancy yourself a custom mandala?