Shakti Mudra is the Mudra for restful sleep. This is a new Mudra for me and I got it as part of the 3rd day of March Mudra Challenge I’m doing. And really, again, timing is perfect. After many days of restful sleep, last night I had a restless one. I had a hard time waking up and it was great to learn this one.

To do this Mudra, wrap your thumb with your 2nd and 3rd fingers. Keep the ring and pinky fingers extended and put your hands together. This Mudra is great to slow down the nervous system and apparently it also invokes the Goddess Shakti bring bring vibrant colorful Dreams.

I tried the Mudra sitting up as well as laying down, both with the hands on my heart center. Lying down worked best for me, I immediately felt my body slowing down and got sleepy! So I continued and soon enough all I wanted to do is sleep! I’m planning to do it again tonight and I’m looking forward for a great sleep!