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Testimonials - Meta Vashti


“Meta, thanks for delivering excellent yoga classes that have the perfect ebb and flow of strength and restoration.”

During Meta’s classes I have finally connected to Yoga,

I fully engaged and focused.

“During the last ten years I have tried Yoga several times but never felt comfortable enough to continue with the practice. During Meta’s classes I have finally connected to Yoga, I fully engaged and focused. She is a professional passionate teacher who personalizes her classes to her students needs. What I liked the most was the clear, specific instructions that allowed me to get a better alignment and understanding of the Asanas. Within seven days I saw great changes, I felt stronger and confidence. Thank you Meta for your patience and dedication.”

– Angela

“I joined Meta’s yoga at the botanic gardens yesterday morning. The name is called “Root to Rise”. In the session, we were guided to press down the feet deep into the earth. While doing that, the body naturally stand taller and rise higher. Also, the energy is more centralized, centered. You can try that now. Then Meta guided us to relate the same principle to life. Yes, it totally applies in life. A person has to root herself deeply first, before she can do big things. … I value Meta’s way of teaching yoga for two reasons: She understands the spiritual and energetic aspect of each yoga pose. Not just the physical movement. She designs the session very very intentionally and try her best to guide the participants to bring the essence of yoga into their way of life.”

– Joseph

If you know me you would know that I’m the type of person who goes to sleep dreaming about coffee first thing. But this week I would go to sleep knowing that in the morning I’d be practicing yoga with this incredible teacher.

…Thank you for your time and patience and spending your morning with me, Meta. It’s not selfish to take time out and look after YOU. I’m walking away from this experiece feeling lighter, reenergised, rested and ready to socialise with my friends again.”

– Hayley

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On Hañsa Flow classes

“Hi! I had the chance to have a class of Hansa Flow with you last november during my trip to Bali, and it was a wonderful experience for me. … I am not a yoga teacher, and my practice is only a beginner one for the past 5 years. But I am an ex-athlete (track and field competitions) and I know enough of the body to notice the benefits of doing yoga the way you do it…in motion! I have tried Tai Chi, Gi Qong and Hatha yoga so far, and yet, your approach is the one that I liked the most because it felt more natural for me and my body. …. Even if it was a single lesson at Flowers And Fire yoga, thank you for the positive impact it had on me.”

– Anik

“I loved that flow, like you said, it’s like meditative.. My mind never stops, you know. But just now my mind was just really there, in the flow, not thinking about anything else.”

– Rashmi