Hello cool kids!

I have decided to go on my social media fasting again. This means, no Facebook and Instagram for a while (normally about 40 days). This might be my..hmm.. 6th time doing it.

If my memory served me correctly, I probably first did my social media fasting roughly 9 or 10 years ago and I did it for Lent. As a catholic, I grew up giving up something I really love for the whole duration of Lent, which runs for about 40 days prior to Easter. That particular year, I just decided to completely give up on Facebook. (Other things I’ve given up for Lent includes Beer, favorite TV shows, Emping aka Belinjo crackers – and many other things I absolutely love).

So at that period of time, this became an annual thing. And after a while, as I become not too attached to social media, it turns into a once in a couple/ few years thing. I find it extremely healthy and refreshing. I haven’t done one for the last 2 years and feel that it’s time to do it again.


I love social media. Most of the times, I’m not constantly on it. .. tho there are times I’ll be constantly on it. As someone who naturally gravitates towards technological innovations and magic, I find it extremely useful. I mean, my Master’s thesis was on how we can use social media to market contemporary dance. That’s how much I find its potential fascinating.

Plus, as a photographer and a photo lover, I find it to be an excellent tools to share my snaps and the things I see and experience. It’s great for archival purposes too.

But sometimes, in this crazy life, instead of utilizing it as a tool, we get sucked in it. Without knowing, hours passed by of us scrolling mindlessly over animal videos, or worse, political and harsh videos from some parts of the world.

It also often becomes a habit. When we have nothing to do, our thumb gravitates towards the social media icon on our now-very-very-smart phones and we kill the time by getting transfixed on a screen instead of living in the presence.

It’s also an excellent way to numb feelings or emotions for those who are going through something harsh cause it gets the minds away from facing what we’re supposed to face. I’m obviously not promoting this. I’m just stating that this is also a way of how social media is used these days.

Of course not everyone behaves that way. My social media, for example, has been curated in a way that all the posts are uplifting and inspiring and serves as a reminder to live a better life. And it IS an excellent tool to keep up with everyone’s lives.

But I, of course, from time to time still fall into the zombified mode of social media browsing.


Why? cause I find myself getting way distracted these days. I have a very fast mind that is naturally very busy. It’s a blessing to have quite a fast brain – I can visualize solutions and plans and see how things are connected quite easily. But that also means I have many many tabs open in the Browser that is my Brain. And the bite-sized news on social media has made my attention span shorter. 

I observed that happening lately, and so it is time to slow down and learn to be present and have longer attention span on things and actually run one tab at a time.

And lately, I find myself developing a slight FOMO – the current cool kinds term for Fear of Missing Out.

No idea why. What do I fear missing? Experiences? Popularity? Acceptance?

No idea.

I choose not to think about it. Cause any fear or disturbances that come up are normally a sign that there’s a part of me that I don’t love enough and therefore not comfortable with. This normally leads to having an outward lens instead of an inward lens. The outward lens leads to a tendency of comparing myself to others and develop all sorts of anxiety and fear.


…to look inward, love myself more, get in touch with my awesomeness and connect more with my fabulous self! 

I’m gonna be honest, this time around it’s going to be tricky. Cause one of the things I do requires me to keep up-to-date of the art happenings in Indonesia. And due to the way Indonesians work, I follow about 70 instagram accounts to check out the art events. And I might have to promote certain things in the next month or so.

But I’m not really worried and I am actually very excited about this fasting. All the times I’ve done it has been absolutely refreshing and wonderful. And I never actually miss out on anything.

And oooh, I just realized that this fasting coincides with the Ramadan fasting and I’ll end the same time as the Eid! Whoaaa. Synchronicity. Awesome.

So, cool kids, have you done something similar? If you haven’t, I encourage you to try it. You don’t have to do it for 40 days like I do. Try it for a week. Heck, try it for 3 days or 1 day, observe what happens, and see what you learn from it.

Worry about not connecting with your family and friends? The phone still have a calling and messaging feature. Call them. And those who matter will text and call you anyway cause you are important in their lives. Living far away? There’s Skype and Google video. Those who you love and love you will always find a way to connect with you and catch up with your lives.


Soooo.. Let me know if you’re interested to try and join me! Would be happy to chat about your experience!

To a more quiet world, full of mindful awareness, with a more personal and lasting connection, and a lot of fabulousness!