Vajrapradama Mudra is a mudra for unshakeable trust. The word “Vajra” itself means trust. This mudra came at the right time. I’ve been my questioning my steps in life and I woke up this morning to the news that a friend of mine, someone much younger than I am, has passed on. I drew a card this morning and the card said Prayer. It was a reminder to trust forces bigger than us and to send all our worries to the heavens.

Life is not always easy. Sometimes things get so difficult that there seems to be no clear path to take. So I sat in meditation this morning with the Vajrapradama Mudra on my chest. The pressure of my own palms against my chest felt like an assurance that I’m always watched over. The warmth from my own hands reminded me that I’m always surrounded by love. And as I meditate upon the word “Trust” and all of its meanings, I sensed my body relaxing, releasing any tension that I was holding.


We don’t always know where to go, we don’t always know how to do what we want to do, but trust that there’s a larger forces acting in this Universe. The path given to us, or the path we choose to take will always be right. We might not feel that way, but it will be right for our progress and grown in this beautiful life.