Back when I was still an IT auditor, when we analyzed client’s processes, we got this thing we called WCGW. It stands for “What Could Go Wrong”. We would list out the WCGWs, see the risks, and make sure there are processes in place to mitigate the risks.

Well, life is not that neat. And lately it seems that all my WCGWs went pouring down at me in glorious thunderstorms. And I am walking around in a large open field.

Like my body, for instance – she has just been going through changes. My stomach seems to start a life of her own. First she was eating like she was constantly famished. Often my brain went “hey stomach, you know that you’re eating for a petite 5’1’’ body, right?” And of course she didn’t listen. Later, this was followed by days of weird stomach upsets. (Don’t get me started on the excretion).

It continues.

My body is changing by the day. Everyday I would look at myself in the mirror and see a new body. I am getting wider in some of the areas’ circumference. This changes my body into a new shape. I feel like this happens every time I look into the mirror. And to be honest, this was and still is a lil bit disconcerting.

My right knee has been aching.
And yesterday I hit my own achilles tendon with my garage door in the most foolish way. I pulled my door behind me, slowly, and I just hit myself with it. *shakes head.

And my dreams! Oh my dreams. Last night I dreamed that I had a skin disease with pustules all over my face and body. And the pus, when leaked, spreads in the most disgusting way, creating root like shapes. OH WHY?

And it gets better.

I just bought some beads from a seller in Bali and I gave him the wrong house number.  I have lived in this house since I was 11. How did that happen?! I don’t know. I couldn’t even believe I could give a wrong address.

Oh and I bought my dad the wrong flight ticket for one of his flights.

Oh and tonight was just filled with hourss of figuring out why my site and my email at didn’t work. As of now, they both still don’t work. So I’m sending this letter from my gmail to show that I am human and I don’t have it all figured out – (computer stuffs are super complex). Plus, I don’t really care at this point. I can go back and fix it some other time.

Cause tonight I reached a point where I said “THIS IS ENOUGH”.

The key to life is how we handle situations.

The rain can pour as heavy as the rain wants, but that shouldn’t stop us from dancing and doing cartwheels. And there is music in every droplet of rain, so if we close our eyes and feel the rain, we might just hear it. 

So I stopped, closed all my web browsers, turned on some Coldplay and started dancing. (Yes, dance is really my answer to everything).

To my body that’s constantly changing, I say, well, the only constant thing in life is change. So I’m gonna introduce myself and get to know you, my dearest body, over and over again, every single day.

To all the weird accidents I got, well, this is just a reminder to be mindful and extra present in life.

To the wrong ticket, the wrong address, the domain names and failed email, I say, borrowing the words of Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable. I will figure everything out, as I always do.

And to all the dreams and the weird aches, I think my body is just getting rid of the pus on the physical, subconscious, and all other levels, so I’m just gonna enjoy this detox.

What happens when it rains?
People stop. 

They might stop to take shelter for a lil bit.
The might stop for a second, startled by the rain, looked up, and then ran from it.
Cars slow down.
People indoors stop to look out of the window.

Everything just slows down.

So yeah, I’ve been getting a lot of these little annoyances, but it’s nice to be able to laugh at them and see them as reminders to slow down.

In the middle of the excruciating pain, I couldn’t stop laughing when I hit my own ankle with that door, purely from the foolishness of the act. My mom and I laughed so hard when I bought the wrong ticket for my dad cause by that time we were just both so tired and delirious.

Shits happen and they can be really funny.

So Meta, what’s the forecast on your side of the woods? 
If you have rain, I hope there’s lots of rainbows and some light in the horizon.

Screw the umbrella and just dance in the rain!

With rainbows,