Alright, first day of teacher training is done and I decided that I’m going to write something everyday (or as often as possible) of one or two things that leaves a deep impression from the day’s training.

A big realization for me today is that I actually have been living yoga in the last 4 years. Yes, I don’t call it Yoga, I don’t call it anything to be honest but I’ve been working on myself to be a better and more loving person that without realizing it, I’ve gone through the 5 branches of Yoga and Patanjali’s 8 limbs – basically all these things that you should follow to reach enlightenment (cause Yoga ain’t just asanas, yo).

So the material today, I can pretty much share and teach on it already. All the sweat, tears, angers, sadness I’ve gone through and all the work I had put in on myself, had given me so much on this. Yes of course, I still have so much to learn, but the material is already in me in a way. I just have to tap into my soul’s wisdom.

And why am I bringing this up? Cause for the longest time I had a fear of taking Yoga Teacher Training thinking “Who am I to be teaching Yoga?” 

Haha. My god. If I had continued listening to that fear, I wouldn’t have been in the class today and realized that I’m already doing that.  So ladies and gents, moral of the story here: feel your fear, take deep breaths, find courage, and do it anyway, cause fear is just an illusion that keeps us small.

Now onto the 2nd thing. The material today was just beautiful and gorgeous. I love all these yoga philosophy, a.k.a philosophy of life, the universe, and everything. But my favorite is by far this passage from the story of how Yoga was born in the Indian Mythology.

It’s an exchange between Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati. Parvati expressed her deep desire to be close and be one with Lord Shiva, yet something is holding her back and so she asked for assistance from Shiva. And this is what Shiva said..

“Your love is so strong, so genuine. That which you seek, union with me, is not an attainment. There is nothing to do, for I am your own True Self. I am not separate from you. The way to me is through knowing your own True Self. Out of your love for me, I will reveal the secret that is Yoga – the experience of communion. Yoga is the process by which you lose all identity of yourself as a separate being and become united with your nature as both Shakti and Shiva – expansive, creative energy as well as stillness, eternal bliss. Both this qualities are within you.”

Ain’t that beautiful. Ahhh so beautiful.

Thank you thank you thank you.